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Closed: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.

Christmas Eve open 12-4pm. We may stay later, just call and ask.



1. they have insoles (more comfortable, wether or not you’re skateboarding in them).

2. higher-end upper matereals (so they dont tear up in a week, and some are water/scuff/stain resistant).

3. limited color ways and designs (so you’re not wearing the same exact thing everyone else is wearing).

4. extra color lace (to get your shoes looking just right).

5. limited vendors (again, so you’re idiot neighbor/friend/Dad¬†isn’t rocking your shoes).

6. “40oNBS” soles (more grip, more durable, more better).

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Below is our Unified interview with Steve Berra and Salman Agah:


Our Transworld Biz interview:

New interview by AtlantaGotSole.com


Here’s some other Ruin stuff:

Red Bull “Mind the Gap” contest!

(poster featuring Ruin’s Cole Frazier)

May 14th, 2011 Good times, Ruin’s Matt Fink 2nd place (switch front heel flip)!

Our own Spitfire wheel. Designed by Colton Brown.


Girl & Chocolate shop survey

Our Mt. Dew can we got to do. Only 2 demo cans ever made though.

Thanks guys the 2010 game was fun. Hope we can do one for 2011

Dude!… Stay Gold. 8/31/2010 @8pm. It was fun for sure!

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